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Letters to the Travel editor

Arizona: hits and misses

Regarding "First-Rate Journeys in the 48th State," Feb. 12: I wasn't sorry that the Travel section missed the best places for Mexican food in Phoenix and Tucson. We'll keep those to ourselves. But really, how could you miss the absolutely coolest place in Arizona? The historic Weatherford Hotel in downtown Flagstaff. A family-friendly restaurant for weary travelers and a comfortable hangout with loads of local color. Great food; great bands; great, great staff. And a big dose of Arizona history. I'd love to be sitting there reading Zane Grey with a Bloody Mary right now! Happy birthday, Arizona!

Christine Petersen

Newport Coast

My wife and I were overjoyed to see Oatman, Ariz., included with a picture. We were turned on to this desert outpost and its burros by friends from the nearby Laughlin, Nev., area. Those four-legged residents are what make this place "cooler" than others like it, especially for animal lovers like my wife. We're glad to see they are still hanging in there!

Jeff & Natalie Rokos

Huntington Beach

The article missed one of the best attractions in Arizona: the Pima Air & Space Museum, outside Tucson, next to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. For any aircraft buff, kids and others interested in aviation, this is a wonderful place. Historic aircraft, especially from World War II, are on display. More than 300 aircraft, including a B-17, B-24 and B-29, are here. This place is far more interesting and important than many places mentioned in the article.

Pete de Leon



Keep politics out of Travel

In the Feb. 19 Travel section, there were four letters. One was recommending a hotel. Another was complaining about an airline's lack of service. I'm fine with them. However, two of the letters were advocating travel boycotts of a state and a country for political reasons. Please save those for the editorial page. I would think most readers would like to hear other readers' suggestions and recommendations that could enhance travel experiences. After all, the Grand Canyon was there long before anyone had an immigration policy.

Bruce Frashure


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