Web Buzz: Funny Road Trip app good for storytelling or a laugh


Turn your road trip into a laugh fest with this app.

Name: Funny Road Trip,

Available for: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

What it does: Four characters from different parts of the world — Señor Tortilla, McBronx, Sushi Sakura and Emil DaElecktra, the travel robot — ask questions and suggest tasks that can lead to your family telling stories, interacting with what they see along the road and perhaps poking fun at each other too. The app comes in English, Czech and German, with the characters speaking in their native language or dialect.

Cost: $1.99 for Señor Tortilla and McBronx; 99 cents for each additional character.

What’s hot: The tasks and questions are creative: Some induce kid silliness such as, “Show me how your dad or someone in your family snores,” while others are more travel-focused such as, “Imagine you had wings. Where would you fly?”There’s a night version too, which is cool because you can keep playing if it’s dark outside and can’t see anything.


What’s not: When I was testing it, I wanted some way to tally a winner. It’d be fun if you could push a button for a laugh track or a gong, or just poll the people in the car to find out who is the funniest.

Worth it: I don’t want to save it for a big road trip. I think it might be fun for a 30-minute drive too.