Las Vegas kids museum’s newest visitors are R2-D2 and Iron Man

At the Discovery Children’s Museum, BB-8 (left) and R2-D2, both androids popularized by the “Star Wars” series, help children explore the potential for other forms of life in our universe and beyond.
(Discovery Children’s Museum)

The Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas is playing host to R2-D2, Iron Man and other cyborgs, androids and robots that hail from Hollywood, all in the name of science. The “Alien Worlds and Androids” exhibit, opened earlier this month, explores the connection between fictional beings and real-time technology.

In the exhibit, the extraterrestrial Xenomorph, from the 1979 sci-fi film “Alien,” is meant to spark a discussion about whether human beings are alone in the universe. Others subjects touch on artificial intelligence and the use of robots like the Mars Rover in space exploration.

The fictional movie cyborg Iron Man in "Alien Worlds and Androids" helps prompt discussions among kids about whether life exists elsewhere in the universe.
(Discovery Children’s Museum)

“Alien Worlds” takes children beyond their own worlds with content taken from Southern California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and other branches of NASA. It continues through May 5.


The museum last Saturday opened Discovery Lab, a permanent space in which kids can craft limitless creations using tools as simple as a needle and thread or as high-tech as a 3-D printer and a laser cutter.

Children learn how a laser cutter works in a new, hands-on laboratory at the Discovery Children's Museum in Las Vegas.
(Canico Studios)

The lab will recruit local artists, engineers and plain old tinkerers to share their expertise with kids in themed workshops.

The downtown museum, housed in the same complex as the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, is open Tuesdays through Sundays until late May, and then daily through the summer.


Children can create their own inventions, using everything from clay to a 3-D printer, in the maker space at the new lab.
(Canico Studios)

Admission costs $14.50 for all ages.

Info: Discovery Children’s Museum, (702) 382-3445


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