Letters: Is wishing for rail that actually goes to LAX a vain hope?

The rail line doesn't quite make it all the way to LAX. A letter writer asks if that is an impossible dream.
(Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

Regarding “Here to There,” Nov. 17: I wish L.A. World Airports and the Metropolitan Transit Authority folks could have figured out a way to have rail lines go directly to one or more terminals at LAX. Why couldn’t the Green Line go to the airport?

I know that security concerns were cited, but many other international airports — London’s Heathrow; those in Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Singapore; Rome; Schiphol near Amsterdam; Charles de Gaulle in Paris, among them — have rail service directly to the airport.

Unfortunately, LAX will not be able to join the ranks of leading international airports, instead remaining on the list of the worst international airports.

Daniel Fink
Beverly Hills


Regarding “How to Find Your Uber or Lyft, or Grab a Taxi When You Land at LAX,” by Christopher Reynolds, Nov. 17: Why doesn’t LAX split up the Uber and Lyft traffic rather than eliminating it completely?

Limit upper-level ride-hailing traffic to drop-off only for departing passengers.

The lower level should be for pickup of arriving passengers. Passengers would appreciate it too, because they wouldn’t have to haul luggage to the upper level from baggage claim to catch a ride.

Andrew Ko
San Marino


There’s magic in Michigan

Regarding “Full-Moon Hot Spots in SoCal,” Need to Know, by Mary Forgione, Nov. 17: I cannot believe Forgione thinks that any place in California, especially building rooftops and dried-up deserts, is a place to view the last full moon of the year.

The only place is a frozen lake in the far north, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, say, with the white light falling all around you, the only movement the steam of your frozen breath escaping upward. No sound. Just the spill of the light and the black of the trees surrounding the lake. That’s the only place to see the moon — everything human subtracted — and everything as cold and still as the moon itself.

Earth magic.

Robyn Tonkin
Dinner Lake, Mich.


Getting the word out

In the Oct. 20 article on Real ID (“Time to Heed Real ID Alerts,” On the Spot, by Catharine Hamm), there was brief mention that reminders might be posted on social media.

My evening job is in retail and on the employee portal, there was a tab that read “Real ID reminder.”

Paul Perez

Reader voices welcome

In all the years I’ve been reading the L.A. Times, I don’t remember seeing seven letters in the Travel section, as there were on Nov. 17. The letters occupied almost half of Page L2, with each being fairly good size.


Way to go, Travel, for acknowledging and sharing those readers’ views and enhancing reader participation in public media.

Could an encore possibly include eight letters, or is that pushing it a bit?

Bill Spitalnick
Newport Beach