Letters: Now that SuperShuttle is closing, readers offer ideas on getting to LAX


I could hardly believe it when I read the headline that said “SuperShuttle is Going Out of Business. Its last rides are Dec. 31,” by Catharine Hamm, Mary Forgione and Priscella Vega Dec. 13). The article underlines my morose feelings about Friday the 13th as well as the end of a service that I have used countless times. I relied on the blue vans with the yellow writing for many journeys, some joyous, others not so much.

I looked upon the drivers as well as the people sharing my ride as brief encounters with people I might never have met, and the transportation became part of my travel ritual.

There is a saying that growing old is not for the faint of heart; the demise of my preferred rideshare service seems to underline the fact that beacons I use to mark rites of passage are growing smaller and that I am, indeed, growing older. Alas.

Ruth Kramer Ziony
Los Feliz

I just wanted to write to let those making decisions know my displeasure about the ending of service of SuperShuttle. I love to travel and have taken the SuperShuttle on many occasions from downtown to LAX. This decision, I’m sure, was financially based, but I would hope that there is some chance that we will get another service equal to Super Shuttle.


Evelyn Finn


I travel often and never used SuperShuttle. It isn’t because they’re not a good company or reliable, but using Uber or Lyft is as simple as pushing a button on your phone.

Also, technology has taken over completely, causing companies such as SuperShuttle or taxi companies to struggle or fail.

SuperShuttle has been around since 1983, but now there are other options we can choose from to get from one destination to another.

Brittani Ables


But there are other ways to get to LAX

In re: “Let’s Find Your Way to LAX,” On the Spot by Catharine Hamm, Dec. 15: There’s one other way to get to LAX that can be surprisingly affordable for some people: a one-way car rental.

Some car companies will let you have one for about $40 going and $60 returning. The nearby Avis location I used has closed, and other convenient companies in my area have much higher prices, but it’s worth checking online to see if there’s something near you.

The obvious downside with four heavy bags that letter writer Jim Ragsdale mentioned is that you must get them on and off the rental shuttle, but the driver will help with that.

Geoff Kuenning


We live in Oceanside, and we rent a car from a Hertz office five minutes from our home. Although the price has gone up from about $50 to $80 over the years, it’s still easy. We drop it at the Hertz lot at LAX and take the Hertz bus to the terminal.


Upon our return, we take the Hertz bus back to the Hertz lot, rent another car (more expensive —about $125 — because it is considered “on the airport”) and drive it home. We always allow tons of time before the flight so we don’t have to worry about returning the car and getting to the airport.

We have also spent the night at a hotel near the airport if we have an early flight, so we can take the hotel’s shuttle to the airport.

Art and Deborah Cravets

When our friends travel to Kauai, they stay one night at an airport hotel and leave their car parked there. They love the convenience and the price.

Kathy Schwartz
North Hollywood

Regarding getting from Duarte to LAX, the Metro Gold line can take you to Union Station, where you can take the FlyAway Bus. There is a station in Duarte. I have done that myself, not with four large bags but with one large bag and a carry-on.

Frank Alvarado

FlyAway is an excellent option for the letter writer, although with four bags it’s a bit of a challenge. He could also have a family member drop him off at Union Station to save toting four bags on the train while letting his family/friends avoid the nightmare of navigating the LAX terminals loop.

The FlyAway buses easily accommodate large bags underneath the bus and drop you right at the terminal. Drivers are usually helpful with loading and unloading your bags.

FlyAway is super convenient if you’re going to Terminals 1-3. I use it all the time, and I live in downtown L.A., take the Red/Purple Line to Union Station and voila, I’m there. It rarely takes me more than 45 minutes to get from Union Station to LAX, and it’s often faster. That said, I always allow for an hour travel time.


Adam Light
Los Angeles


If you live in Duarte, here’s the best way to avoid the trouble of getting to LAX: Fly out of Ontario,” Catharine Hamm wrote in the article about getting to LAX.

I laughed out loud after reading this. What a great way to start the day, with a little humor.

I take the Green Line from Norwalk with one bag. As a senior, it’s 75 cents (only 35 cents during nonpeak hours), which is a bargain.

Patrick Anderson

Monterey escape brings back memories

Thank you for Mike Morris’ weekend escape to Monterey (“Fresh Prospects on the Central Coast,” Dec. 8). The photo reminded me of the beautiful movie “A Summer Place” I saw when I was a very impressionable 15-year-old. I loved the memories the photo brought me.

Rachel Perumean