L.A. hikers: Which trail type are you?

Graphic that says "Hikers of Los Angeles"
(Gemma Correll for the Times )
Comic of a man hiking
Comic of a stereotypical celebrity hiking
Illustration of gearhead hiker by Gemma Correll
Comic of a hiker with food

Comic of an influencer hiking
Comic of a minimalist hiker
Comic of a raconteur hiker
Comic of a person who carries a lot of gear hiking
Comic of a dog walker hiker

Why hike in Los Angeles? Lots of reasons. Use our guide to navigate 50 trails in Southern California, plus tips on gear and treats for the trail.

A hike is a good excuse to eat a sandwich. A sandwich improves every hike, and in L.A., you can almost always find one not far from the other.

These 50-plus hikes capture all that LA and Southern California has to offer. Use our filters to find the best type of hike by difficulty levels, length and type of view.