Sunday Funday

How to have the best Sunday in L.A., according to Chrishell Stause

digital painting of Chrishell Stause with an open house sign, pasta, her dog, Rose Bowl flea market, Cinespia, Cabana Cafe
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In Sunday Funday, L.A. people give us a play-by-play of their ideal Sunday around town. Find ideas and inspiration on where to go, what to eat and how to enjoy life on the weekends.

Weekends aren’t very slow for Chrishell Stause, the actor and real estate agent who stars on Netflix’s “Selling Sunset,” which returns for its sixth season today. “Sundays can be some of my biggest workdays,” she said. “We’ll be trying to hit five different houses and if [clients] find one that they love, it’s drawing up the paperwork to make an offer on that house and then calling agents and letting them know.”

But when she isn’t selling multimillion-dollar mansions for the Oppenheim Group, Stause likes to hang around her home in the Hollywood Hills. And regardless of whether her day off is a Sunday or a Tuesday, she’s always ready to order some takeout, “veg out” with her partner Australian musician G Flip, and wander into open houses where her celebrity status gets mixed reactions from fellow real estate agents. “It goes either way,” she said. “Sometimes they’re really lovely, and then other times they want to make sure that you know they’ve never seen your show.”

For the record:

11:47 a.m. May 22, 2023An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified G Flip due to an editing error. They are Chrishell Stause’s partner.

Here’s how Stause would spend a rare Sunday off.

9 a.m.: Take Gracie for a walk


Wake up, get some coffee, take my dog, Gracie, on a walk. She is my little shadow, she loves to just be around me no matter where I’m at. But she’ll normally either be sleeping or begging for food — those are her two hobbies. There are some good hills around, and she’s getting a little older, so I like to get her out there and get her some exercise. Half of the walk will be her walking around, the other half would be me carrying her.

11:30 a.m.: Get brunch with a friend

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Cecconi’s West Hollywood has a really nice outdoor brunch. I love sitting outside when the weather’s nice. My friend Emma, she loves to go to the Cabana Cafe at the Beverly Hills Hotel, so we’re there a lot because she mostly makes the plans. This place I just went to the other day was really cute, the Butcher’s Daughter. It feels a little indulgent but nice. You can tell everything is farm-to-table. I love stuff like that.

1 p.m.: Wander around a flea market

We probably go like once a month. One time, we went to the one at the Rose Bowl, it’s just fun to kind of see the little shops. We’ll normally pick up a T-shirt, homemade cookies, it’s just a random mix of things. G’s always on the hunt for vintage T-shirts and different things.

2:30 p.m.: Check out an open house


If it’s a day off, I still really like to pop into open houses. Sometimes I’ll look up different ones that I just kind of want to get a bird’s-eye view on. So that’s actually fun to me. I know a lot of friends and clients are the same way.

I like to know what they’re asking per square foot. That’s always going to be something that not only I’m curious about but actually does help me with what I do. Sometimes it’s my friends running the open houses, so it’s nice to just pop in and support and say hello. And then sometimes you might actually be like, “Wow, this would be really great for so-and-so” in the back of your head. That’s the fun part of real estate. It’s a little bit like matchmaking.

6 p.m.: Find something fun to watch

In L.A., there’s always something going on. During the summer, we have the scary movies out in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which are so fun. I love scary movies. I [recently] watched “Scream VI” and it was so good. I think “The Strangers” is a top-tier scary movie. Personally, [I love] “Saw,” seeing it in the theater. Nowadays, everything is kind of new and improved, but I want to give it up to the old-school “Saw.”

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Aug. 9, 2023

7:30 p.m.: Order in an indulgent dinner

I love to order in — I probably spend way too much on Uber Eats. I should get some kind of discount at this point for leaving their lights on over there because I don’t cook. If I’m going to stay in, I’d probably order in but from one of those places that feels indulgent and like self-care. The Nice Guy has the best chicken parm. So good. They do such a good job with delivery. That’s one of my go-tos. I also love to go out to eat. I just went to Pace — it’s right on Laurel Canyon and it’s just like a nice little chill restaurant.

9 p.m.: Curl up on the couch


Sometimes G and I like to veg out on the couch together. I’m always hitting up Netflix to see what the newest drop has been. We really got into “Love Is Blind,” and it was hard because we started it together, and then there were a couple times where our schedules didn’t work out and the episodes would drop. I’m a big “Succession” fan, and G doesn’t watch “Succession,” so I’m good on that. I can actually watch that whenever. But we loved “Jury Duty.” We binged that show together and absolutely loved it. Highly recommend.

12 a.m.: Head to bed.

Midnight is about the time I, at least like, go to bed, not necessarily go to sleep.