Interactive: How much can a longshoreman make?


Wages for West Coast longshoremen vary widely depending on experience, skill and time of day worked. Hourly base pay ranges from $25.71 to $41.48, but workers can earn significant premiums for overtime or late shifts. See how the numbers add up.

How much work experience do you have?

In addition to how long they've worked, longshoremen are paid in relation to the specialty of the skills they possess. Choose a skill to see how valuable it is.

  • I have no special skills
  • Boom man
  • Bulldozer operator
  • Crane chaser
  • Gang boss
  • Guy man
  • Hatch tender
  • Holdman
  • Lift truck operator
  • Payloader operator
  • Sack turner
  • Side runner
  • Tractor (semi-truck) driver (on dock)
  • Winch driver
  • Locomotive operator
  • Log stacker operator
  • Shipboard Munck crane operator
  • Shipboard whirley
  • Transtainer operator
  • Portainer/hammerhead
  • Portpacker
  • Reachstacker
  • Strad driver
  • Transtainer

*Annual pay assumptions may not hold true for every worker, because longshoremen can work a mix of day, night or overnight shifts. The amount of overtime can vary highly for each worker, and not all workers can get 40 hours a week.

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