From the Archives: Chef Wyman’s suggestions for 1928 Thanksgiving dinner

Nov. 1928: Phtoograph of Mabelle E. Wyman, home economics authority and Times culinary education dep
November 1928: Chef Mabelle Wyman stuffing a turkey for her Thanksgiving column.
(Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA)

During the 1920s, the Los Angeles Times published a popular cooking column by chef A. L. Wyman. When he died in 1926, his wife, Mabelle Wyman, took over the column. In the Nov. 27, 1928, Los Angeles Times, she suggested several recipes for a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

But first, she listed her suggested menu:

California Lobster Cocktail

Salted Almonds, Ripe Olives, Stuffed Celery


Cream of Mushroom Soup

Roast Turkey

Chestnut and Oyster Stuffing

Giblet Gravy


Cranberry Jelly

Riced Potatoes, Asparagus Tips, Cream Sauce

Painted Stuffed Pears, French Dressing

Pumpkin Pie

Plum Pudding and Hard Sauce


Mabelle Wyman passed away in 1931. She was replaced at the Los Angeles Times by the fictional Marian Manners.

This post was originally published on Nov. 25, 2014.


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