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Twice as cute: Berlin zoo releases new photos of panda twins

One of the two panda cubs at Zoo Berlin in Berlin, Germany.
One of the two panda cubs born over the summer at Zoo Berlin in Germany.
(Zoo Berlin)

Berlin’s zoo has released new photos of twin panda cubs born this summer and says the two are developing well.

The zoo said Thursday the two cubs each now weighed about 11 pounds — quite an increase from their 6.56-ounce and 4.8-ounce weights when they were born Aug. 31.

Zookeepers initially hand fed the cubs — the first giant pandas born in Germany — with bottles of milk pumped from mother Meng Meng, but they now feed on their own.

Cubs at Zoo Berlin
The two cubs at Zoo Berlin were born earlier this year. China’s permanent-loan pandas Meng Meng and Jiao Qing are the parents.
(Zoo Berlin)

She and father Jiao Qing came to Germany from China two years ago.

There are fewer than 2,000 of the endangered pandas estimated alive in the wild today.

The cubs have not yet been named or shown to the public.


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