Chinese state media say dozens killed by powerful tornado

A powerful tornado and hailstorm struck the outskirts of an eastern Chinese city on Thursday, killing at least 78 people and destroying buildings, smashing trees and flipping vehicles.

The tornado hit a densely populated area of farms and factories near the city of Yancheng in Jiangsu province, about 500 miles south of Beijing.

Nearly 500 of people were injured, 200 of them critically, the official New China News Agency reported. Roads were blocked with trees, downed power lines and other debris, and rescue efforts were further complicated by heavy rain and the possibility of further hailstorms and even more tornadoes, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

The disaster has been declared a national-level emergency. From a trip to Uzbekistan, Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered central government bodies to provide all necessary assistance.


Tents and other emergency supplies were already being sent from Beijing, CCTV said.

The network showed people carrying the injured to hospitals, cars and trucks lying upside down, street light poles snapped in half, and steel electricity pylons crumpled and lying on their side. Power and telephone communications were knocked out over a broad area.

“I heard the gales and ran upstairs to shut the windows,” New China News Agency quoted Xie Litian, 62, as saying. “I had hardly reached the top of the stairs when I heard a boom and saw the entire wall with the windows on it torn away.”

The roof collapsed as he raced downstairs, Xie said. After sheltering in a corner for 20 minutes, he emerged to find the neighborhood transformed into a wasteland. “It was like the end of the world,” he said.

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Jiangsu is a coastal province north of Shanghai. Yancheng is an ancient city with more than 8 million people.

The Jiangsu provincial fire and rescue service provided no word on casualties but said on its microblog that the storm was accompanied by hail. Crews were dispatched to evacuate workers and secure chemicals and other potentially dangerous items at a sprawling solar panel factory in the Yancheng suburb of Funing, it said. No chemical leaks were reported, CCTV said.

Photos posted online showed a wrecked three-story schoolhouse with large trees strewn on its playing field. Its windows had been blown out and its roof and upper floor torn off, along with those of numerous other buildings.

Bodies were visible lying in the open or buried in rubble. At least one hog farm was hit, its livestock covered in bricks and roofing material.

The reports said the tornado struck around 2:30 p.m. and hit Funing and Sheyang counties on the city’s outskirts the hardest, with winds of up to 78 mph.

Tornadoes occasionally strike southern China during the summer, but rarely with the scale of death and damage caused by the one on Thursday.

This year, southern and eastern China have experienced weeks of torrential rain and storms that have caused widespread flooding and dozens of casualties.

The southern part of the country is hit every year during the May-July monsoon season, but this rainy season has been particularly wet. Water levels in some major rivers have exceeded those of 1998, when China was hit by disastrous floods that affected 180 million people, according to state media.


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10:07 a.m.: This post was updated with the latest death toll.

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