Hillary Clinton’s schedule on key dates in Lewinsky scandal


Hillary Rodham Clinton was in the White House on at least seven days when her husband had sexual encounters with Monica S. Lewinsky, according to the first lady’s calendars released today. A look at her schedule on days when Lewinsky said she had sexual encounters with Bill Clinton:

  • Nov. 15, 1995: The first lady was in a midafternoon “meet & greet” photo opportunity at the White House with various Nobel laureates and their families. That night, Lewinsky had what she later said was her first sexual encounter with the president in the private study off the Oval office.
  • Nov. 17, 1995: Hillary Clinton had no public schedule and was at the White House. That night, Lewinsky later said, she had a sexual encounter with the president while he was on the telephone in the White House with a member of Congress.
  • Dec. 31, 1995: Lewinsky says she and the president had a sexual encounter early that afternoon in a study down the hall from the Oval Office. Sometime afterward, the president, first lady and their daughter, Chelsea, flew to Hilton Head, S.C., to spend New Year’s Eve with hundreds of friends during their annual getaway at an intellectual family retreat known as Renaissance Weekend.
  • Jan. 7, 1996: On a Sunday afternoon, Lewinsky and the president spent most of the afternoon in the Oval Office. The first lady and the president had a small dinner with 20 people at “the Old Family Dining Room” at the White House.
  • Jan. 21, 1996: The first lady had no public schedule, but she and the president privately toured an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. Lewinsky and the president had an afternoon sexual encounter in the hallway by the private study next to the Oval Office, Lewinsky said later.
  • Feb. 4, 1996: Hillary Clinton and the president attended the National Governors Assn. annual dinner. Lewinsky said she and the president had a sexual encounter that day, and sat and talked in the Oval Office for about 45 minutes.
  • March 31, 1996: Hillary Clinton toured an archaeological site and museum in Delphi, Greece, and watched a folk dance performance. Lewinsky said later that she and the president resumed their sexual contact that day.
  • April 7, 1996, Easter Sunday. Hillary Clinton had no public schedule. Lewinsky said later that, at the president’s suggestion, she performed oral sex while he was on the telephone in his office.
  • Feb. 28, 1997: The schedule shows Hillary Clinton was in the White House at least part of the day, when President Clinton and Lewinsky had oral sex near the Oval Office, leaving stains on her dress. There were no public events, but the schedule shows the first lady had “drop by” events or meetings in the Map Room and Diplomatic Reception Room between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Her schedule also lists plays and a concert that night, but it is not clear whether she attended.
  • March 29, 1997: On the day when Lewinsky later told independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr that she had her final sexual encounter with the president, Hillary Clinton was thousands of miles away in Eritrea. In his grand jury testimony, the president denied this encounter. The first lady that day toured the Martyrs’ Cemetery in Eritrea, where she participated in a wreath-laying ceremony and a tree planting. She also visited a healthcare clinic, spoke to villagers, and toured a polio vaccination room. She visited a woodworking center, held a round-table discussion with the National Union of Eritrean Women and met the country’s president.