McCain, Obama videos campaign for attention on YouTube

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Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

John McCain‘s image takes a drubbing in the world of Web video, particularly in comparison to his likely opponent for president, Barack Obama. Nearly 51,000 people subscribe to Obama’s channel on YouTube, the most popular video sharing site, compared to less than 5,000 for McCain. Videos posted by the Obama campaign have logged 14 million views, compared to 675,000 views of videos posted by McCain’s camp.

A search of the Top 10 videos as displayed on YouTube Thursday shows Republican McCain targeted mostly by parodies and hard-edged commentary, while Obama gets mostly garlands from his supporters.

Top John McCain videos

1. “McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare”
The candidate depicted as a double-talker. 1,506,000 views

2. “McCain Endorser Hagee: God Sent Hitler, Jews Have Dead Souls”
The candidate linked to the controversial pastor. 117,000 views

3. “John McCain vs. John McCain”
McCain offers conflicting views on the Iraq War, the Confederate flag and on evangelical preachers. 675,000 views


4. “”
Parodies pro-Obama “Yes We Can” video with a dark, war-mongering McCain. 1,697,000 views

5. “McCain Gets Owned on Meet the Press”
Tim Russert uses McCain’s statements on Somalia to try to box him in on Iraq. 236,000 views

David Letterman and Senator John McCain” border=”0” align=”left” style=”margin-right: 10px”/>6. “David Letterman and Senator John McCain”
McCain takes a few barbs and slings. 144,000 views

7. “Raw Video: Too Old? ‘You Little Jerk,’ McCain Laughs”
McCain strikes back at a town hall guest who suggests he’s too old. 561,000 views

8. “McCain: 100 years in Iraq ‘would be fine with me’ ”
The candidate defends the possibility of a prolonged military effort to the U.S. presence in Japan and South Korea. 116,000 views

9. “John McCain: No, You Can’t”
Another parody on “Yes We Can” portrays McCain as a hope crusher. 480,000 views

10. “John McCain, Courageous Service”
Celebrates McCain’s service in the Navy and 5½ years as a Vietnam prisoner of war. 137,000 views

Top Barack Obama videos

1. “Barack Obama on Memorial Day”
Obama’s Memorial Day Speech. 47,000 views

2. “Barack Obama in Thornton, Co.”
Obama speaks about education. 10,000 views

3. “Barack Obama: A More Perfect Union”
The candidate speaks on race and his one-time pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 4.5 million views*

4. “Barack Obama: My Plans for 2008”
The candidate on why he is running. 1.1 million views

5. “Yes We Can, Barack Obama Music Video”
Ode from Will.I.Am, John Legend and other hipsters. 12.8 million views*

Google: Barack Obama” border=”0” align=”left” style=”margin-right: 10px”/>6. “Candidates@Google: Barack Obama”
The candidate talks tech at the Internet firm. 257,000 views

7. “Barack Obama on Ellen”
Obama dances and chats with the daytime TV comedian. 921,000 views

8. “Barack Obama: I Inhaled Frequently, That was the Point”
Pundits praise the candidate for candor about his youthful marijuana use “as a kid.” 554,000 views

9. “Barack Obama Letterman Top 10”
Faux campaign promises, including No 8: “Appoint Mitt Romney Secretary of Lookin’ Good.” 460,000 views

Hillary Clinton–Umbrella” border=”0” align=”left” style=”margin-right: 10px”/>10. “Barack Obama Hillary Clinton–Umbrella”
A risque romp with actors as the Democratic contenders. 9.2 million views


*”Views” figure comes from more than one YouTube channel.