Morsi supporters and opponents clash in Egypt, leaving two dead

CAIRO -- A 10-year-old boy was killed Friday during clashes in the Egyptian city of Suez, health officials said, as supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi held demonstrations to mark the 100th day since security forces dispersed two protest camps in Cairo, killing hundreds of people.

A Morsi supporter also was reportedly killed during clashes Cairo's Al Matareya neighborhood, while five others were injured. The Health Ministry reported a total of 15 injuries from clashes across the country.

“100 days and El Sisi’s militias are still wreaking havoc in the land,” read a statement issued by a coalition of Morsi’s mostly Islamist supporters in reference to Gen. Abdel Fattah Sisi, the army chief who led the July coup. “This week is the anniversary of 100 days passing since the epic battle of steadfastness in [the protest camps of] Rabaa and El Nahda.”

The state news agency reported that gunfire broke out in residential areas of Suez during clashes between Morsi’s opponents and supporters, leading to the death of the boy.

The report also said the child’s family blamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood for his death, while the Freedom and Justice Party linked to the Islamist movement said the boy was caught in the crossfire between protesters and security forces, and blamed the latter for his death.

Clashes were also reported in Cairo’s Nasr City, where a number of students from Al Azhar University faced off with security forces. The Freedom and Justice Party claimed that soldiers used live rounds against the demonstrators.

One of Egypt’s oldest Islamic institutes, Al Azhar has in recent weeks been the site of many protests calling for the reinstatement of Morsi, who was the nation's first democratically elected president.

Clashes on the campus have led to dozens of arrests. Last week, 12 students were sentenced to 17 years in prison for rioting and assaulting campus property and personnel.


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