Alec Baldwin writing a memoir, 'Nevertheless'

Alec Baldwin is going to tell his story his way in 'Nevertheless'

Actor Alec Baldwin is writing a memoir to be published in 2016 by Harper. The book, titled "Nevertheless," promises a candid look inside the mind of the sometimes controversial figure.

According to the Associated Press, "the book will cover everything from Baldwin's childhood in Long Island to his acclaimed work on '30 Rock' to the various run-ins and fallings-out he has experienced along the way, a story of 'hits and flops, marriage, divorce,' and some 'opinions on the media and politics.' "

Baldwin has won two Emmys, both for his role in the comedy "30 Rock," and has been nominated once for an Oscar. He got his start in soaps but leapt to fame playing heavies like Jack Ryan in the cold-war thriller "The Hunt for Red October" and Blake in "Glengarry Glen Ross." He married and divorced Kim Basinger and, in 2007, fell afoul of public opinion when a rant-filled voice mail he left for their daughter was made public. His temper has often gotten him in trouble, from physical tussles with paparazzi to making comments many perceived as being anti-gay.

In a statement, HarperCollins publisher Jonathan Burnham said, "Alec Baldwin is a larger-than-life talent with an astonishing range. And his life up to now has been far from dull. In this memoir he writes about his family, lovers, friends and enemies, confronts his former demons, relives the highs and lows of his career, and opens up in an unflinchingly honest way about his life and times. This memoir will be funny, occasionally combative, often moving and an unbelievably good read."

According to the publisher, Baldwin, 56, will pen the memoir himself without the help of a ghost writer or co-author.

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