Most fliers are unaware of changes to loyalty rewards program, survey says

67% of Delta fliers were unaware of changes to the loyalty program

Two of the nation’s largest airlines, United and Delta, have adopted major changes to their loyalty reward programs that experts say will benefit the airlines at the expense of passengers. But most reward program members are unaware of the changes, a survey found.

For those reward club members who are aware of the changes, the new program rules may be chasing off more travelers than it attracts, according to an online survey of more than 1,000 reward club members who have flown in the last year.

“They have upset more people than they have pleased with these changes,” said Brian Karimzad, director of the website that sponsored the survey,, which monitors and rates reward programs.

Starting Jan. 1, Delta’s Skymiles program was overhauled to offer members reward miles based on how much money they spent instead of the number of miles flown. United’s MileagePlus program switched to a similar system March 1.

The changes mean that high-paying fliers in the front of the plane earn more points than passengers in the economy section of the same flight.

But Karimzad’s survey found that 67% of United fliers and 69% of Delta fliers were unaware of the changes.

“People have some real choices here,” he said. “If people sit down and look at what they earn they might twice think about booking United or Delta on their next flight.”

According to the survey, 26% of United fliers who know about the changes said they were less likely to book with the carrier, while 11% said they were more likely and 63% said the changes to the program made no difference.

For Delta fliers, 23% said they were less likely to book on the carrier because of the changes, 16% said they were more likely to book, and the rest said it made no difference, according to the survey.

In response to the survey, Delta said the airline had increased award seat availability and improved the online shopping experience. United said the carrier made a serious effort to notify MileagePlus members about the changes, adding that “these changes provide additional value to our most loyal members.”

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