Charlie Sheen slams Obama with birther fodder over NCAA picks

Charlie Sheen takes a shot at 'Barry Satera Kenya' in reaction to President Obama doing NCAA picks on ESPN

Charlie Sheen wasn't happy to see President Obama making his March Madness picks Wednesday on ESPN — so he called the commander in chief names on social media and accused him of ignoring an unspecified military funeral.

"Barry Satera Kenya u won't attend a soldier's funeral uhkros da street that u kild yet u hav time 4 brackets? s a d," the actor wrote late Wednesday night, posting a shot of the president and Andy Katz on TV, puzzling over a Presidential Bracket diagram.

The name Barry Soetoro and the notion that Obama was actually born in Kenya are staples of the so-called birther conspiracy theory about the president. And Sheen has self-identified as a truther, if not a birther — but more on that later.

This is the seventh year the president and ESPN have partnered for "Barack-etology," the White House blog noted on Wednesday. For all the sports fans out there: Obama puts Kentucky, Arizona, Villanova and Duke in the Final Four. He hasn't correctly picked the national champs since 2009, however.

While Sheen didn't get specific about which funeral the president allegedly skipped, the Washington Post reported that a funeral for a U.S. deputy marshall had been held Tuesday in Mississippi. Attorney General Eric Holder made remarks there and read a letter from Obama, the Post said.

Obama has been widely slammed in certain circles, however, for not attending the Arlington National Cemetary funeral of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, who was killed in August 2014 in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, Sheen explained his blurt: "I just repeated a joke the president made last week," he tweeted, referencing a Kenya mention from the Gridiron Club dinner on Saturday.

Of course, this isn't the first time Sheen has poked the prez.

Sheen, you see, thinks 9/11 was an inside job — and in 2009 presented a video message to the president in which he challenged Obama to further investigate the World Trade Center attack. In conjunction, he offered a $14,000 prize to whoever made the best effort to enact a script of an imagined chat between himself and Obama in which the actor lays out the truther argument.

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