Jaime King is Kim K's unlikely ally, taps Taylor Swift as godmother

Jaime King is Kim K's unlikely ally, taps Taylor Swift as godmother
Jaime King explains her topless pregnant photos and her thoughts on people body-shaming Kim Kardashian. (Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images)

Jaime King's livid feelings toward body-shamers seemingly come as a direct result of Kim Kardashian.

The "Hart of Dixie" star, who's also appeared in "Pearl Harbor" and "Sin City," has explained why she decided to post topless photos of her pregnant body on Instagram. The actress, who's expecting her second child with director Kyle Newman, published her underwear-only snaps on the photo-sharing app earlier this month.


The 35-year-old captioned the frontal and backside shots: "My body. My growing baby, open for comments. Plain as day. I, like every other woman, bracing for your judgments. This is who I am. And I love me in every flaw and curve or flat or thin area. And I love you as well in every form that your body takes."

The unedited images, which even boasted a bruise on her belly from amniocentesis, were accidentally removed by her son James, who locked her out of her account, she told

She said she opted to share the pictures with a critical public "because that's all people do all day is comment. They just say whatever ... they want to say, and they don't actually think that it's going hurt me." King was referring to social media commenters who are fixated on her thin physique.

The slender star decided to speak out against body-shaming, especially that of pregnant women, after she saw Kim Kardashian's treatment at the 2013 Met Gala when the reality star was bashed for dressing her baby bump in a now-infamous floral dress by Givenchy. The comments, GIFs and criticism of the reality star brought King to tears, she said.

"It emotionally tapped into a place for me because I was newly pregnant [with my first child]," King explained. "What kind of world are we living in now where this is okay ... ?

"Nobody's standing up to say this is wrong. This isn't right. [Pregnancy] is a very sacred and important moment in someone's life. [But] the fact is that nobody should be body shamed. Nobody should be torn apart for being too thin or too fat or too this or too that. There are many people that are overweight that genetically have issues. We don't know what conditions people grew up in."

The former model, who says she's always been naturally thin, bared her pregnant belly three weeks ago when she announced that bestie Taylor Swift would be her second born's godmother. She also explained why she bestowed the honor on the global pop star.

"There was no thought behind it at all other than that I always knew she was going to be the godmother if I had another baby. It's because she's incredibly thoughtful," King said.

She added that she and her husband try to choose a person for the "sacred role" who would raise their child "the way that we would raise our child."

"Her thoughtfulness, her kindness, her authenticity — the way that she's generous with her family, with her friends, with her fans — is so powerful to me," King said. "She's so uninhibited in her giving — the presents she gives to her fans, she wraps every single one, she paints the stuff. It's all her. It's just beyond."

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