Seth Rogen denies 'pot stench' story about his former office space

'Completely untrue': Seth Rogen mocks notion that Amy Pascal can't move into his old offices due to weed smell

Seth Rogen is not bumming Amy Pascal's high, he says. 

The "Neighbors" actor, whose appreciation for marijuana is hardly a secret, took to Instagram on Wednesday to debunk a story headlined, "Sony's Amy Pascal Delays Office Move Due to Seth Rogen Pot Stench."

The Hollywood Reporter piece alleged that the former studio exec's move into an office suite that Rogen and "The Interview" producer Evan Goldberg previously occupied had been delayed because the place reeked of weed and needed to be repainted.

"I don't know what's more irresponsible: that they would print a story that is completely untrue, or that they would refer to how pot smells as a 'stench,'" he said, posting a screen grab of the Hollywood Reporter story.

Rogen also attached a hashtag noting his herb does not stink.

Pascal would be the one who referred to Angelina Jolie's "insanity and rampaging spoiled ego" in one of a number of embarrassing emails made public in December when the studio was hacked. She stepped down from her co-chairman position in the aftermath and is forming her own production company, hence the move to new digs.


For the record

8:57 a.m. March 5: An earlier version of this post attributed to Amy  Pascal a comment from an email sent to her by former Sony executive Scott Rudin. It was Rudin who referred to Jolie as a "marginally talented spoiled brat."


"It appears that the problem will require an industrial-strength solution rather than a bottle of Febreze," THR said, "and Pascal wants it fixed properly, sources say." It also mentioned Pascal's desire to "put her own decorative stamp" on the new office.

One of the sources, incidentally, "downplayed the marijuana issue," the trade said.

If there were even a whiff of truth to the scenario, it wouldn't be the first time something Rogen-related was blown out of proportion on a slow news day.

Remember the whole "American Sniper"/Nazi thing? Yeah, that ...

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