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'Robot Chicken's' ninth season will include President Trump: 'Just take a look at the puppet’s hands'

There is no pop culture or political figure safe from the claymation-style harpooning of Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken.” For eight seasons the creators of the stop-motion sketch show have poked fun at “Star Wars,” “Mad Men,” “My Little Pony” and even former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

And as the show readies for its ninth season debut in the fall of 2017, fans are curious to see how the current political climate affected the “Robot Chicken” writers room. We chatted with show creator Matt Senreich, producer Tom Root and writer and director Tom Sheppard at Comic-Con before their big panel presentation and can confirm that, yes, President Trump will appear in the ninth season. 

“We have a couple sketches that will involve [President Trump],” Senreich revealed. “One is a horror movie type of thing, and the other is a Willy Wonka type of thing. If that doesn’t spoil things.”

“When it finally airs just take a look at the puppet’s hands,” added Sheppard.

The show is famous for the wide variety of talent it pulls in for voice cameos and this season's list includes Sherilyn Fenn from “Twin Peaks,” Christina Hendricks, the cast of “13 Reasons Why,” Parker Posey, Luke Evans and Jason Isaacs. The 45th U.S. president will be handled by veteran voice actors Fred Tatasciore and Ralph Garman. 

But it won’t all be political satire. The ninth season of “Robot Chicken” will tackle all sorts of genre staples including a “Walking Dead” special voiced by the cast. 

And yes, of course, there will be plenty of “Star Wars” to be had. “We fell into this weird gap, because of the way we make the show, where we didn’t get to hit ‘Star Wars VII’  last season,” said Root. “And ‘Rogue One’ came out right as we were starting to write Season 9. So we’re going to hit both ‘Star Wars’ movies this season. So that’s exciting, it’s a big, new landscape for us to play in.” 

So which “Star Wars” character gets the most hits from the “Robot Chicken” writing staff? “The ‘Robot Chicken’ nerd has seen ‘Girls’ and has some opinions about ‘Girls’ and wants to share them with Kylo Ren,” Root joked. 

“Also not real crazy about Han Solo’s demise,” said Sheppard.

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