The Golden Globes have wrapped with "La La Land" breaking records and "Moonlight" winning for drama. But the night was filled with so much more including Amy Schumer's "Bachelor" picks and Meryl Streep's rousing speech stating, "disrespect invites disrespect."

After Party Off camera

Vending machine from the Golden Globes after-party distributes shoes in a can

Each year at the Golden Globes there comes a time when the heels must come off.

Sunday night after the show, salvation came in the form of two self-serve vending machines parked just inside the foyer of the InStyle/Warner Bros. party, where glamorous guests lined up for the best and most welcome sight of the evening: Free flats.

Men and women with weary soles and party souls flocked to the annual bash, one of the first stops of the night for winners, execs, even a Kardashian or two. They were greeted by machines hosted by the footwear company Rollasole, partnering with L’Oreal, doling out pairs of rolled-up flats in three sizes and two colors -- black or gold -- at the push of a button. Each pair came with a free lipstick for touch-ups for those who hadn't already filled their purses with the free L'Oreal lip paints and eyeliners lining the ladies' room inside the Golden Globes ballroom.

By the end of the night the machines were almost out of stock, guests still eagerly stepping up to grab a pair on their way out to other parties. Approaching midnight the scene inside the packed lobby of the Beverly Hilton was tragic: Ladies in evening gowns and bare feet, clutching their stilettos, no free flats in hand. The smart ones had already swapped their heels for flip-flops, lounging around the Hilton bar.

One bare-footed woman in a glitzy dress had to hoof it all the way down a rainy Santa Monica Boulevard just to catch her Uber ride home. The struggle. It’s real.

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