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“Dim the lights. … Here we go …” Ryan Seacrest has said season after season of “American Idol.” And on Thursday night, the lights went dark forever as America crowned its final “Idol,” Trent Harmon, who beat out favorite La'Porsha Renae.

Every “Idol” winner in its 15-year history and a slew of contestants who hadn’t won returned to the show’s stage to perform one last time. From Kelly Clarkson to Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson, the alums performed several medleys, including a tribute to David Bowie and a classic rock performance.

Even original judge Simon Cowell made a surprise appearance alongside Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, bringing the crowd to a roaring applause. Ryan Seacrest added: “I’ve done this 14 times and the atmosphere has never been more emotionally charged than it is tonight." Then he requested, “for the last time,” that the lights be dimmed for the final results.

Trent Harmon wins the last 'American Idol'


Mississippi farm boy Trent Harmon, 25, was just crowned the last "American Idol," stunning a crowd that believed La'Porsha Renae was the favorite. 

Here's his performance from last night.

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