Rachel Weisz explains how 'Disobedience' tackles big existential questions about life and freedom

In Sebastian Lelio's "Disobedience," which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival Sunday, Rachel Weisz plays Ronit, a woman who returns home to the Orthodox Jewish community she fled after her father's death. 

The film also features Rachel McAdams and Alessandro Nivola as Esti and Dovid, Ronit's childhood friends whom she discovers are married upon her return. During the course of the movie, it is revealed that Ronit and Esti share a passionate, unresolved romantic past. 

But "Disobedience" is about more than these characters' romantic relationships. 

“It’s about disobedience,” explained Weisz at The Times' TIFF video studio. “It’s about obedience. It’s about how far we rebel from the place that we grew up in. Choosing your own path through that and not just doing what you’ve been conditioned to do by your family.” 

Watch Weisz, McAdams, Nivola and Lelio discuss "Disobedience" and their experiences learning from real Orthodox Jewish families in the video above. 

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