Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris exploit themselves for our pleasure

Thanks to Justin Bieber and Calvin Harris for taking off their clothes and making a slow news day better.

What better way to spend a slow news day – or any day for that matter – than watching Justin Bieber get pelted with eggs.

The Biebs is doing all he can to promote the Comedy Central roast that he begged for. In a 30-second spot for the special, which airs March 30 on the network, the pop star and pop culture punching bag gets hit with a slew of eggs in slow motion.

In the clip Bieber is, per usual, shirtless. There are enough tight shots of his chiseled, tattooed body to get the Beliebers hot and bothered, but our kicks came out of seeing egg yolk sliding down his chin.

The ad would have been a lot better if Bieber was clad in just his underwear, considering his Calvin Klein spread (and its ensuing SNL parody) was the most interesting thing he’s done in the last year, or perhaps if the egg-thrower was the neighbor who sought restitution for Bieber's misdemeanor vandalism last year, because public humiliation goes so much further than $80,000.

And while we’re on the subject of male pop stars in their skivvies – apparently Calvin Harris has been hiding model aspirations. The EDM superstar dropped trou for an Emporio Armani shoot, which surfaced online Monday, and we’re still blushing over the results.

Sorry Bieber, but this is how you do it. Unlike Biebs, the Scottish songwriter-producer looked quite comfortable wearing next to nothing, sporting tiny briefs and offering smoldering poses that left pretty much nothing to the imagination. (Have a look here.)

If 2014 was the year of female pop stars celebrating their curvy behinds, here’s  hoping that 2015 continues to be the year where pop men get in on the action. And cheers to Bieber and Harris for having no shame -- we are all better because of it.

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