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Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein undies ads: In print, nobody hears boos

Justin Bieber is shirtless again -- this time for a paycheck instead of a routine trip to a club.

Like Mark Wahlberg before him, the “Baby” singer has dropped trou and flashed his tats and abs for Calvin Klein Jeans’ new underwear ad campaign, an effort he promoted heavily on social media.

Bieber, who’s about the same age Marky Mark was in 1992 when the black-and-white images of the Boston native and Kate Moss took the world by storm, tweeted Tuesday, “Just spoke to my boy @mark_wahlberg. Honored to be a part of the legacy.”

In the new campaign, Biebs poses all sexy with married-and-a-mom model Lara Stone, 30, whose husband is David Walliams, a British comic and actor.


The funnyman worked Twitter for laughs over the ad campaign, lamenting “Why has someone photoshopped @justinbieber’s head onto what is clearly my body?” before retweeting an image in which someone had pasted Walliams’ noggin onto the 20-year-old’s bod. 

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus was on the revisionist bandwagon as well, Photoshopping her face over Stone’s in a couple of shots. Miley, a Belieber? And here we thought she was too mature for that.

Now, by the time Wahlberg posed, he and the Funky Bunch were past their peak. Should Bieber be worried? After all, he didn’t get a great reception when he stripped down to his undies at the Fashion Rocks event in September.

Fortunately, when a guy does the same thing in print, nobody can hear the boos.


Then again, at least Bieber didn’t go on camera and say, “The best protection against AIDS is to keep the Calvins on.”

Yup. The young Marky Mark did. Hey, it was the ‘90s.

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