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Bill Murray cross-dresses, rides a horse for Jimmy Kimmel

Bill Murray, riding a horse, dressed as a woman, with a mariachi band. Try not to click.

More than any other guest in late night, Bill Murray knows how to make an entrance. Will Ferrell will frequently show up in costume, but only Murray combines costumes with stunts.

For his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" during Kimmel's week of shows from Austin, Texas, during South By Southwest, Murray pulled out all the stops.

Yes, he came out riding a horse. But that wasn't enough for Murray. No, he was also accompanied by a mariachi band.

But that wasn't enough for Murray. He also came dressed as a woman, complete with purse.

But that wasn't enough for Murray. He also appears to have waxed his legs for the event.

Though Kimmel complimented Murray's attire, he gave no explanation as to why he dressed that way.

Kimmel introduced Murray as a "one-man festival" and true to that introduction, Murray was there not to promote any particular project but to discuss life in general. For instance, he talked about his favorite drink he liked to serve to people in Austin on those occasions when he'd jump behind the bar: water.

"If you can drink a glass of water with every drink you drink you become much more interesting later in the evening," Murray said.

Both Kimmel and Murray encouraged the young people to stay hydrated.

Murray also weighed in on the one song he likes to play to turn a party around: Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give it Up." And he made a reference to Robin Thicke's song, "Blurred Lines," which a jury just ruled was too close to Gaye's song, ordering Thicke to share profits with the Gaye family.

"Marvin Gaye," Murray said. "That's money. That's nice. He's no longer here to spend it."

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