Watch the first full trailer for 'Fuller House' and weep at the inexorable march of time

Behold the return of the Tanners.

Netflix released its first full trailer for the upcoming “Full House” revival, named “Fuller House” (DJ married a man whose last name would serve as a helpful pun once he was inevitably killed by the Tanner family curse), on Monday, to the delight of nostalgia fans everywhere.

The new series centers around a recently widowed DJ (Candace Cameron-Bure) struggling to raise her three boys on her own. Luckily her family is willing to help out in a pinch. In this case, that means younger sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and childhood best friend Kimmie (Andrea Barber) moving in and helping out.

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The trailer is exactly what one might expect for a sequel series to “Full House.” There are many elaborate dance numbers, references to being “trapped in the '90s”, and a near pathological need to mention every catchphrase the show ever launched.

There are also unexpected delights, like Sweetin towering over Cameron-Bure, because apparently people keep growing even if they’re not on your television, or the show’s fixation with making reference to Michelle, as though Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen could be persuaded to reprise their role through sheer force of will. (Michelle, in the show’s universe, is busy in New York working on her fashion empire.)

“Fuller House” debuts Feb. 26 on Netflix.

Check out the candy-colored confection of a trailer below and long for the simpler time that was the early '90s.

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