The Internet is arguing over the color of a dress -- seriously

It has been one strange day. It started with practically everyone being transfixed by two llamas on the run in Arizona, but by the evening, it was all about a dress.

The No. 1 trend worldwide on Twitter on Thursday night was “#whiteandgold,” in reference to a question posted to Tumblr on Wednesday about the color of a dress.

People are arguing whether the dress is white and gold or blue and black, and it is getting pretty ugly.

Even celebrities are weighing in on the back-and-forth.

Buzzfeed News was able to talk to someone who saw the now mind-blowing, argument-inducing dress in person.

“We all saw the dress in all its glory and realized it was, of course, blue and black,” said Caitlin McNeill, whose band performed at a wedding where the mother of the bride wore the garment.

Cedar Riener, associate professor of psychology at Randolph-Macon College told Buzzfeed News there is an explanation for people seeing different colors: light interpretation by the eyes.

“In the case of the dress, some people are deciding that there is a fair amount of illumination on a blue and black (or less reflective) dress. Other people are deciding that it is less illumination on a white/gold dress (it is in shadow, but more reflective),” Riener said.


8:53 p.m.This story has been updated with a comment from someone who saw the dress in person and an explanation of why people are seeing different colors.

This story was originally published at 6:37 p.m.

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