Just stop: Pudding and ramen noodles come together in Taiwan

Pudding ramen noodles are a real thing in Taiwan! Here's how to make them

Ramen burgers swept the nation last year and ramen pizza made the rounds at last weekend's DTLA Night Market. But just when you thought you'd seen every ramen noodle hybrid you could think of, we find pudding ramen noodles. 

Wait, you can't mix ramen noodles with pudding. Can you?

According to website Rocketnews24.com, it's a trend in Taiwan, and if you're adventurous enough, you can. 

Hot water is poured into a container of instant ramen noodle soup to make the noodles. Then a container of Japanese pudding, which is more like a custard or flan than the American version of pudding, is placed on top. 

The pudding is stirred into the hot ramen and ... voila, pudding ramen noodles. You can watch the pudding ramen noodles being made in the YouTube video above. And if you're really curious, you could always stir some pudding into your ramen tonight and see what happens. 

After proclaiming the concoction "weird", Rocketnews24 said it "was a nice blend of salty and sweet and the hot noodles and cool pudding balanced out to a comfortably warm temperature." They called it a creamy version of Cup Noodles, saying it wasn't mind blowingly delicious, but decent.  

What's next? Ramen-bottom cheesecake? A ramen Frappuccino? Please, make it stop!

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