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Sriracha documentary premieres online tonight at 10

The Sriracha documentary, a behind-the-scenes look at the Huy Fong Foods hot sauce company, is premiering tonight, just in time for those still reeling from the judge-ordered partial shutdown of the Irwindale factory.

The 33-minute film by Illinois filmmaker Griffin Hammond looks at the origins of what has become a king of condiments in the United States. Hammond speaks with the man credited with the Sriracha craze, David Tran, founder of Huy Fong Foods, which makes the familiar red bottles of hot sauce with the green cap and the rooster on the label.  

Photos: Behind the scenes look at the Sriracha documentary

"I really want to show people where it comes from," Hammond told the Los Angeles Times in an interview earlier this year. (He also admitted he likes to put it on his mac 'n' cheese to turn it orange.) "But also share a lot of stories about passionate people who love Sriracha and even other brands."

One of those passionate people is Randy Clemens, author of "The Sriracha Cookbook." Clemens was the first person Hammond spoke to when he first debated making the film. "He kind of knows everything," Hammond said of Clemens. 

The film will stream online at 10 p.m. PST.  Tickets to watch the stream are $5 and can be purchased online

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