2007 Pali Pinot Noir 'Bluffs'

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Pali stands for Palisades and this fledgling wine company is owned by a group of 21 friends and co-workers who live or work -- some both -- in Pacific Palisades and thought it might be nice to own a winery together. Little did they know how much work and effort is involved. But they found a winemaker -- Brian Loring -- and are producing some excellent wines out of Lompoc in the Central Coast.

They make some very pricey single vineyard bottlings, but they also make this blend called "Bluffs" from grapes sourced in the Russian River Valley. It's quite a beauty, smooth and silky, with a lingering taste of cherries, earth and sweet herbs. And at this price, this is a bottle that's hard to beat.

So when you pull that bird off the rotisserie or spoon out a beef daube with black olives or even grill a few lamb chops, pull the cork on the 2007 "Bluffs."

If you can't find this bottling, look for the 2008 "Riviera" Pinot from the Sonoma Coast, to be released Sept. 1.

-- S. Irene Virbila Region: Russian River Valley

Price: About $25

Style: Smooth and elegant

What it goes with: Roast or rotisserie birds, beef daube, grilled lamb chops

Where to find it: Mission Wines in South Pasadena (626) 403-9463, www.mission; Wades Wines in Westlake Village (818) 597-9463; and Wally's Wine & Spirits in West Los Angeles (310) 475-0606, www.wallywine

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