Deborah Netburn

Deborah Netburn is a science reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She began her journalism career at the New York Observer in 1999, and has covered residential real estate, rich kids in Manhattan, entertainment, home and garden, national news, and technology. She has worked at the Los Angeles Times since 2006.
Scientists discover 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter while hunting for the elusive Planet X

While hunting for the elusive Planet X, astronomers have discovered 12 additional moons around Jupiter, bringing the grand total of the planet’s known satellites up to a whopping 79.

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What health risks will the Thai soccer players face now that they've been rescued from the cave?

The worst is certainly over for the Thai boys who have been rescued from a flooded cave. But even though they’re out of immediate danger, it may be some time before they’ve recovered. Here's a look at the physical and mental health issues ahead for them.