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Deborah Netburn


Deborah Netburn is a science reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She began her journalism career at the New York Observer in 1999, and has covered residential real estate, rich kids in Manhattan, entertainment, home and garden, national news, and technology. She has worked at the Los Angeles Times since 2006.

Recent Articles

  • Journey to Pluto: 9.5 years, one amazing flyby

    Journey to Pluto: 9.5 years, one amazing flyby

    We are SO CLOSE! After a journey of 9.5 years across 3 billion miles of space, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is about to give humanity its first detailed look at Pluto and its large moon Charon. At approximately 4:49 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, the spacecraft will fly within 7,800 miles of Pluto's...

  • Three people overdose on party drug GHB in Venice

    A 44-year-old woman died and two others remain in critical condition after they apparently overdosed on GHB, an illegal party drug, police said. Emergency workers were called to a home in Venice Beach just before dawn Sunday.  The call was made by a fourth person, said Margaret Stewart, a spokeswoman...