For the record

"Elemental" exhibition: In the Feb. 15 Arts & Books section, a caption with an article about the exhibition "Elemental: Seeing the Light" at Descanso Gardens' Sturt Haaga Gallery misspelled artist Eric Zammitt's last name as Zammit.

New video releases: The byline was missing for the new-on-video column in the Feb. 15 Calendar section. It was written by Noel Murray.

Ballet film: A review of the documentary "Ballet 422" in the Feb. 13 Calendar section described a scene in which choreographer Justin Peck sits under a poster of choreographer George Balanchine. The image on the wall was not of Balanchine but rather of Peck's grandfather, 1960s Freedom Ride activist James Peck.

Austin Tice: An article in Section A on Feb. 15 said the parents of Austin Tice, a freelance journalist and former Marine who was taken hostage in Syria nearly three years ago, started an online campaign and petition drive to overhaul U.S. policy on Americans taken hostage overseas. In fact, their goal is to raise awareness about Tice. The article also said the FBI leads negotiations concerning hostages. The agency leads investigations, not negotiations, in such cases. Also, Tice's parents wore blindfolds at a news conference that read "#FREEAUSTINTICE," not "Austin Tice."

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