For the record

Archstone apartments: A Business article in the Oct. 15 Section A about Colorado landlord Archstone's acquisition of apartment complexes on the Westside said that the seller of the Bay Club in Marina del Rey had spent $20 million on renovations of the property; those renovations and possibly more will be paid for by Archstone. The article also said that the seller had extended the property's land lease with Los Angeles County to 30 years; the lease now extends to 2051. Additionally, the name of the Bay Club has been changed to Archstone Marina Bay, not Archstone Marina del Rey.

Arctic security: An article in the Oct. 19 Section A about new security concerns in the Arctic said that a Chinese icebreaker transited the Northwest Passage through the Arctic this summer. The vessel transited the Northeast Passage, above Russia.

Gay marriage: An article in the Oct. 19 Section A about a federal appeals court ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act said that Judge Chester Straub was appointed by President Reagan. He was an appointee of President Clinton.

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