For the record

Ferguson prosecution: In the Nov. 26 Section A, an article analyzing the effects of the St. Louis prosecutor's having taken the Michael Brown case to the grand jury referred to William Fitzpatrick, president-elect of the National District Attorneys Assn., as saying it was not usual in a police-involved shooting case for a prosecutor to lay out all the evidence and not ask a grand jury for a specific criminal charge. Fitzpatrick said that it was not unusual.

SpaceX satellites: In the Nov. 26 Business section, an article about SpaceX said that the Hawthorne rocket maker was challenging the Air Force's block purchase of 36 rocket launches. It should have said rocket cores.

Music Center: The Nov. 16 Arts & Books section's report on the Music Center's 50th anniversary included several photographs that should have been credited to the Otto Rothschild Collection/The Music Center Archives or Welton Becket & Associates/The Music Center Archives.

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