For the record

Nuclear weapons: An article in the Nov. 30 Section A about a call for the U.S. to replace its aging nuclear weapons reported that former Los Alamos National Laboratory director Siegfried Hecker said the country could build a new generation of weapons without underground testing. Hecker, who opposes testing, believes that testing would be necessary.

Airline food: A Business article in the Dec. 1 Section A said Delta Air Lines tied for first with Virgin America in an annual ranking of most healthful airline food. Delta tied for second with JetBlue, behind Virgin America.

Voter turnout: An article in the Dec. 1 California section analyzing the potential effects of increasing voter turnout incorrectly identified a former political consultant who worked on passage of school construction bond measures. His name is Darry Sragow, not Darryl.

Roberto Gomez Bolaños: The obituary of Mexican actor Roberto Gomez Bolaños in the Nov. 29 California section translated the title of his TV comedy show "El Chapulin Colorado" as "The Crimson Cricket." A chapulin is a grasshopper.

Pet cemetery: In the Dec. 1 Section A, an article about the world's largest pet cemetery — in Hartsdale, N.Y. — said that retired Army Col. James Reid, who held a wake for his dog, is 85. Reid is 75.

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