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For the record

Gun control: In the Jan. 20 California section, an article about gun-control efforts by Richard Martinez reported that his son and five others were shot to death last year in a rampage in Isla Vista. Christopher Ross Michael-Martinez and two others were shot; three others were stabbed to death.

State of the Union: In the Jan. 20 Section A, an article about President Obama's State of the Union address identified the president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing as Scott Gold. His name is Scott Paul.

Skid row doctor: In the Jan. 14 California section, an article about medical care for skid row residents misspelled Matthew Doherty's last name as Dougherty. The article also misidentified the federal agency for which he serves as director of national initiatives. It is the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, not Homeless.

Trending 140: In the Jan. 18 Arts & Books section, an article about Billboard's new Trending 140 chart refered to the rap group Migos as an individual rapper.

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