For the record

Skid row shooting: In the March 6 California section, an article about L.A. County coroner's officials identifying a homeless man killed by the LAPD on skid row misspelled the man's first name as Charley. The coroner's office later said the man's name is Charly Leundeu Keunang. The Homicide Report column in the same edition also contained the error.

Civil rights leaders: In the March 6 Section A, an article about a new generation of civil rights leaders misquoted Selma activist DeRay Mckesson as saying, "Protest isn't always confrontation; protest isn't always physical." What Mckesson said was, "Protest is always confrontation; protest isn't always physical."

Texas and guns: In the March 1 Section A, an article about activists in Texas pushing for legislation that would allow people to openly carry handguns said that Claire Larson, who is opposed to such legislation, is a gun owner. She is not.

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