For the record

Cities and water conservation: In the April 4 Section A, two photo captions accompanying an article about area cities' efforts to cut water usage erred in stating, respectively, that Beverly Hills has no water restrictions and was preparing its first such restrictions. The city has some mandatory restrictions, and as the article noted, officials are preparing additional measures to enable it to meet Gov. Jerry Brown's order to cut water usage statewide by 25%.

Foods and water usage: In the April 4 California section, a graphic showing the amount of water required to produce the ingredients in a typical steak dinner, along with the amount needed for other common foods, contained incorrect figures resulting from an arithmetic conversion error. The pictured dinner would require 969 gallons of water to produce, not 116. The correct figures for each of the foods in the graphic are shown in the accompanying chart. The corrected graphic can be found online

Airbnb: An article in the April 5 California section about the community debate over Airbnb rentals in Los Angeles referred to Lindsey Horvath as mayor of West Hollywood. She is the mayor-elect.

Redbird review: In the April 4 Saturday section, a restaurant review of Redbird misspelled the first name of pastry chef Jashmine Corpuz as Jazmine.

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