'Botox bandit' walks out on plastic surgeon in San Francisco

A man looking for the fountain of youth walked out on a San Francisco plastic surgeon, fleeing without paying after getting $6,000 worth of beauty enhancements, police said.

Thus was born the "Botox Bandit."


Plastic surgeon Larry Fan told The Times that on Monday afternoon, he performed  facial enhancement procedures on the man at his clinic 77 Plastic Surgery in San Francisco.

The man demanded that Fan perform the procedures during one extended session, even though the surgeon suggested that they be done over several visits.

Fan injected the man's face with botox and fillers. He also performed a laser treatment on the man, which left his face a telltale red.

"It definitely is an enhancement to his appearance," the surgeon said. "He would still be recognizable."

After the procedures were completed, the man was supposed to immediately pay for them, Fan said.

Instead, the man left without paying, he said.

San Francisco police spokesman Albie Esparza said the theft will be investigated.

Once the theft occurred, Fan recalled a series of red flags that were set off during his visit with the man.

The man refused to set appointments and pre-procedure visits. During the visits, he would have probably been photographed.

The man was private and secretive, Fan said.

"It really can happen to anyone and any business," Fan said of being victimized.

The public should look for a man of about 40 years, standing 6 feet tall with short dark hair and a medium build ...  and a red face and high cheekbones.

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