In Long Beach, voting twice in same election seems 'weird'

Long Beach residents who went to the polls Tuesday said they found it strange, though only slightly inconvenient, to be voting twice in the same election.

"It was pretty weird," admitted Jennifer Doyle, a 10-year resident of the port city who cast her ballots -- one for the city election, the other for the general primary -- at the Super Suds laundromat.


Still, Doyle said turnout was so light at the laundromat that voting twice was relatively painless.

"It was pretty easy," Doyle said.

Unlike nearby Torrance, where the city combined local elections with the county and statewide ballot, Long Beach asked voters to use separate ballots and dubbed election day "two-vote Tuesday."

The city elections in Long Beach are considered historic because voters will select a new mayor, city attorney and fill five of the six council seats.

At Beach City Auto Detail, Azucena Goussen, 62, said it was the first time she'd been asked to vote twice in a single election.

Goussen said she did have concerns about the cost of having two separate elections on the same day. In Long Beach, municipal ballots will be tallied by the city, while the primary ballots will be handled by the county.

"Wouldn't it make sense to do it all at once?" she said.

Making time for multiple ballots wasn't an issue for Goussen, though.

"I'm retired, so I don't have to worry about time," she said. "But if I was working, it would make a major factor to me because of the time constraint."

She added: "I would still vote because it's important to me, but I wouldn't like it."

Sitting nearby, Mark Markgraf, 51, said it wasn't an issue for him.

The 14-year Long Beach resident, like many others, said he voted by mail.

"It was very simple," he said, adding that he didn't have a problem having to vote twice.