What does video from the new LAPD body camera look like? Check it out here

Here's a preview of the types of video LAPD officers can capture on their new body cameras

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Tuesday that the city was purchasing 7,000 body cameras for its police officers in an effort to increase transparency.

The cameras, produced by Taser International, are roughly the size of a police badge and can be outfitted on the center of an officer’s chest or elsewhere, depending on the model.

As the video above shows, the quality of the images are on par with today’s camera phone videos and capture what an officer sees and hears in the field. The images do blur during quick movements, however.

In light of several high-profile, deadly confrontations between unarmed black men and police across the country recently, LAPD officials hope the cameras can clear up many questions that surround police shootings.

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