Through the fog

Through the fog
Mt. Davidson in San Francisco (Zhiwei Wang)

There are just some places that beg to be photographed. One of these places is Mt. Davidson in San Francisco, where a 103-foot-tall concrete cross is situated. It is a very popular place to make pictures. So, how do you give it a fresh look?

If you're Zhiwei Wang, from Tianjin, China, you put yourself in the picture. Wang currently lives in San Francisco as he studies Web design and new media at the Academy of Art University. He said he often treks Mt. Davidson in his free time and thought of how he could uniquely interpret the place.

“Mt. Davison became kind of hot spot of Instagram, so I wanna pull it out in a special way and use a special perspective to present it. And I personally am quite into California culture, that's why I am wearing the Compton jacket,”  he said.

The elements came together in this nicely framed composition, and with the ubiquitous San Francisco fog rolling in, the mood is just prime. And the jacket, well, that was a good touch, visually and as part of the narrative.

Wang made this self-portrait on April 16 with his iPhone 6 on a tripod.

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