A day after the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, millions nationwide and around the world marched in support of women's rights.

Huge crowds converge on flagship Washington march.

Hundreds of thousands at Los Angeles march alone

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A march around the globe: Women's protests unfurl in Europe, Australia, Africa

It wasn't just Washington. In fact, it wasn't just America. As thousands of American women took to the streets across the U.S. in the wake of the election of Donald Trump as president, similar marches were happening around the world--a demonstration of what participants said was global solidarity.

Cities where protests were held included Sydney, Australia; Cape Town, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya; Budapest, Hungary; Rome; and London, bringing tens of thousands into the streets to stand up for  women's rights and civil liberties, which many fear are now under threat with Trump in the White House.

"Girl Power vs Trump Tower," read a sign held aloft in Sydney as the crowd chanted: "When women's rights are under attack, what do we do, stand up, fight back."

In Cape Town, the march passed the city's parliament and there was a multitude of slogans including: "So over mediocre men running things" and "It's time for women to stop being politely angry."

There were a total of 673 "sister" marches taking place around the world Saturday in addition to the main rally in the U.S. capital, according to .

The group estimated that more than 2.5 million people had participated globally.

Organizers said the aim was for women -- but also men and children -- to come together and stand up for the world's vibrant and diverse communities after the most bitter election campaign in U.S. history.

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