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A day after the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, millions nationwide and around the world marched in support of women's rights.

Huge crowds converge on flagship Washington march.

Hundreds of thousands at Los Angeles march alone

Did you march? Tell us why.

See the marches around the world.

Organizers up their crowd estimate for Women's March on Washington as D.C. Metro appears packed

There were early signs across Washington that Saturday's crowds could top those that gathered Friday to watch President Trump's inauguration.

D.C.'s Metro stations were reported to be packed, with many unable to get on trains because they were loaded to capacity with people headed to the National Mall.

A city official in Washington says organizers' turnout estimate for the Women's March on Washington now stands at 500,000, which is more than double their initial predictions.

The march's National Park Service permit estimated a turnout of 200,000, but the District of Columbia's homeland security chief had previously predicted turnout would be higher.

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