Tonight's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was tense, with harsh exchanges and accusations. Trump made repeated complaints that he was being treated unfairly by moderators Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper of CNN. The predictions of a high-stakes showdown were not wrong.

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Our scorecard: Times political analysts gave the night to Clinton

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How the audience was chosen for the town-hall-style debate between Clinton and Trump

 (Joe Raedle / AFP-Getty Images)
(Joe Raedle / AFP-Getty Images)

Getting into the audience at the presidential debate – and earning the chance to ask the candidates a question – isn’t as simple as buying a ticket.

The Commission on Presidential Debates worked with Gallup, a research and polling company, to randomly select uncommitted registered voters from the area around St. Louis, where the debate is being held.

Uncommitted voters include people who have not made up their minds, or are leaning toward one nominee but could still be persuaded to vote for the other.

It’s unclear how members of the audience will be selected to ask questions. Representatives from CNN and ABC, which are teaming up to moderate the debate, referred questions to the commission, which did not respond to an inquiry.

In 2012, Gallup used voters who were completely undecided, not leaning one way or the other. That group makes up a tiny slice of the 2016 electorate, about 3%, making them pretty unrepresentative of the country as a whole, noted Mark Blumenthal, head of SurveyMonkey's election polling. 

They’re also, as a group, very unfavorable toward both Trump and Clinton, and they don’t like negative campaigning.

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