This is our look at President-elect Donald Trump's transition and the outgoing Obama administration:

Donald Trump may have won, but he doesn't want the campaign to end

 (Mark Lyons / European Pressphoto Agency)
(Mark Lyons / European Pressphoto Agency)

The election had been over for more than three weeks when President-elect Donald Trump took the stage Thursday night in Cincinnati, but inside the arena it was like the campaign had never ended. 

Supporters chanted familiar slogans about Hillary Clinton — “Lock her up” — and illegal immigration: “Build the wall.”  They booed the media when Trump criticized “the very dishonest press.”

The rally was, familiarly, interrupted by protestors, whom Trump mocked as they were escorted out by saying they were going “back home to Mom.”

Trump said he was going to discuss an “action plan” for his administration, but he seemed more animated regaling the crowd with a play-by-play of how television news covered election night. He relished the surprise on anchors’ faces as it became clear that the “blue wall” of normally Democratic states would fall to Trump, handing him a victory. 

“We shattered that sucker,” he said. “That poor wall is busted up.”

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