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Roll back healthcare reform? America truly is exceptional

To the editor: This is a classic story of how the freedom of the rich is allowed to trump any chance at equality in the U.S. ("Obamacare case began when conservative lawyer saw possible flaw in law," March 3)

According to the article, big money at the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute allowed ease of court access in an attempt to undo the Affordable Care Act, all in the name of ideological purity. AEI scholar Michael Greve said, "This bastard has to be killed as a matter of political hygiene."

Such a desire for political "hygiene" risks turning the United States into tiny islands of gated privilege spread among acres and acres of slums. Millions would be at the mercy of those who would ration free-market medical services, allowing only the wealthy to escape.

Truly, the United States is exceptional.

C. Mack Gilliland, Diamond Bar


To the editor: To The Times' editorial board, words don't mean what they say. The Affordable Care Act is clear: Subsidies would flow through state exchanges. ("Obamacare challengers' ridiculous claims head to the Supreme Court," editorial, March 4)

Our country is ruled by laws, not men, and we can correct a poorly written bill by going back to Congress, passing a revision and having the president sign it. But Affordable Care Act advocates would rather rewrite the bill at the executive level and bypass the Constitution.

A case based on an accurate reading of the law isn't phony; rather, it reflects reality — an uncomfortable reality to the true believers who support Obamacare and torture history and logic to achieve their ends. Sometimes, you have to dance with the wording you brought to the ball.

Patrick Henry, Torrance

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