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Kick L.A.'s 72-hour parking limit to the curb

To the editor: I am the attorney who sued the city of Los Angeles over its unposted 72-hour limit on street parking. I appreciate the editorial, but I want to ask a basic question: Why have any city-wide parking limit at all? ("Extend the three-day parking limit in L.A.," editorial, April 5)

There are already other laws addressing abandoned vehicles. As your editorial points out, there are parking laws for safety and traffic flow. Where there is street cleaning, or where there is a shortage of parking, there are (posted) limits. But what is the reason for the same time limit on every street?

Some believe they have a personal right to have vehicles removed on "their" street. We need to be reminded of what the California Supreme Court noted nearly a century ago: "The streets of a city belong to the people of the state, and every citizen of the state has a right to the use thereof." It is time we all try to be good neighbors in Los Angeles and share the public streets, with respect for each and for the good of all.

J. David Sackman, Los Angeles

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